You can get some information on what's going wrong by adding the
following to your 'start' script (if you're on UNIX, the Windows
incantation is different and I don't know it):

reldir=`dirname $0`

Start Zope after adding this to the top of your start script.  Then look
at the contents of var/STUPID.log and check for error messages relating
to your instances.

Chances are that your ZClass instances contain or otherwise reference
instances of classes that were in a product that was not installed after
you did the upgrade.

Doug Wyatt wrote:
> Hi,
> I just updated from Zope 2.0.1 to 2.1.6.  All of the Python-based
> products I was using previously have been migrated successfully.
> But I have a number of products that I created with ZClasses.  I can
> examine these products in the control panel, and everything is there
> and looks fine, but all of these classes' object instances are
> broken.  I get this message when clicking on one in the management
> interface:
> "This object is broken because the unknown product that created it is
> no longer installed or is installed incorrectly. Please contact your
> product vendor for assistance."
> "Note that the data associated with this product has not been lost,
> and will be accessible again if the product is reinstalled."
> I'll keep digging for documentation I may have missed, but I'd really
> appreciate some help.
> Doug
> (would appreciate copies by private email as I am on the digest)
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