On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Loren Stafford wrote:

> > It would be a good idea if there was a field in the ZEvent that defined
> > the subsystem used in the zLOG call.
> I didn't follow your point here. By "subsytem" do you mean which logger in
> the loggers tuple? Then do you mean that different ZEvents could log to
> different loggers? Why would this be a "good idea", I mean, do you have a
> use case in mind?

from zLOG.py:
    def LOG(subsystem, severity, summary, detail='', error=None, reraise=None):

The first argument specifies a subsystem, which is passed to the logging
implementation. A logging subsystem may choose to ignore log messages
from particular subsystems, or perform special actions (eg. if
a critical error has occured in the ZScheduler subsystem, page the
sysadmin). By allowing an individual ZEvent to override the
subsystem reported, you can gain even more control.

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