I'm sure a lot of this is because EMarket was a 1.x product that has
seen relatively little change, in basic structure, since. I'm working
on some patched to allow (1) ZClasses to act as MarketItems and
Shoppers and (2) ZPatterns integration so that most objects can
be optionally stored in RDBM or ZODB. .. I'll go ahead and 
checkin my ZClass stuff. I'm not running 2.2x much, since I'm
really busy on other development... but I can at least
see if the product installs! ;-)


>>>>> "RDM" == R David Murray <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    RDM> OK, so I didn't get very far in tracking down what inside
    RDM> EMarket is triggering the wierd auth behavior, because I had
    RDM> to run a bunch of tests against b3, where the behavior has
    RDM> changed from that of b2.

    RDM> For this testing my method of determining if "things are
    RDM> weird" is to see if I get prompted for authentication if I
    RDM> access the "/manage_main" URL.  Weird means I don't get
    RDM> prompted.

    RDM> Under b2, installing EMarket with a dummy empty __init__.py
    RDM> file caused the weird behavour.  Under b3, that test does
    RDM> not.  However, the EMarket __init__.py file with any of the
    RDM> imports for the submodules uncommented *does* cause the weird
    RDM> behavior.  Farther than that I haven't gotten yet.

    RDM> My tests give me some other interesting things to report,
    RDM> however.  After installing b3, I confirm that the site is
    RDM> working and I can view the root index_html file normally.  If
    RDM> I then copy my test Data.fs from the b2 installation, the b3
    RDM> instance fails to show the root index_html, giving an error
    RDM> message of a key error on URL on the last line of traverse in
    RDM> BaseRequest.py.  Now here's the weird thing: if I then
    RDM> *delete* the Data.fs file, and restart Zope, *I continue to
    RDM> get that same error*.  I didn't try to track that any
    RDM> further, but it unnerves me.

    RDM> Second, the patch, supplied by someone else, that I reposted
    RDM> here that fixed the "a_" KeyError after EMarket was installed
    RDM> in b2, if applied to b3 *causes* that "a_" error to appear.
    RDM> Since this patch was reportedly added to the CVS, I think
    RDM> there is something here that needs to get cleared up before
    RDM> 2.2 final.

    RDM> I'll work on this some more tomorrow, but so far I'm nowhere
    RDM> near finding what code might be involved in this set of
    RDM> errors.

    RDM> Has anyone seen the aforementioned "weird problem" with any
    RDM> products other than EMarket and eTailor?

    RDM> --RDM

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