Hi David,

   I think the design is flawed from the outset and should be
changed. Basically I was trying to have my cake and eat it too with
this one... and the solution (iterating through the folder class's
manage_options and slapping on my own was goofy anyway...) but there's
really no need. I'm moving MarketItem to a ZClassable object anyway
where this can by much more simply done with 'Views'. The thing I
haven't figured out is how to make the MarketItem ZClasses available
only inside a MarketItemsFolder. I'm thinking I may have to make
ZClasses for everything, but define the 'enclosed' ZClasses inside the
enclosing ZClasses. Also.. ZPatterns may affect this as well. I'm
looking into making all these things 'DataSkins' so that the actual
instance data can be kept in a very flexible way, but in ZODB by
default. ZPatterns looks really cool.. I feel sometimes like a kid
looking at a magic trick... sure that once I really get into it I'll
understand, but somehow not sure that it might *really* just be magic
after all. ;-)


>>>>> "RDM" == R David Murray <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    RDM> On Fri, 30 Jun 2000, R. David Murray wrote:
    >> Darn, I should have done more testing.  I only fixed the prompt
    >> for permissions problem.  manage_workspace still goes to the
    >> import/export screen...back to the testing.

    RDM> Arg, it's worse than I thought.  My original test was broken.
    RDM> I haven't found the problem at all.  So please ignore all my
    RDM> recent posts about this and I'll crawl back under my rock and
    RDM> do some more careful testing.

    RDM> --RDM

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