You should look into using ZCatalog for this purpose.

-josh zeidner

>I have an interesting issue which I don't think has been raised.  But
>instead of solving the issue myself I thought I would share it with you
>guys/gals and see what you think.
>I am currently working on a Zope MailIn product, which allows you to send
>emails directly in to Zope.
>Version 0.1 can be found at:
>In version 0.2 I plan to have a ZMailIn python product which will handle 
>Zope side of things and behave a bit like a client.  For example you could
>add a ZMailIn product instance in to Zope and configure it to receive all
>emails for [EMAIL PROTECTED] and provide a method to execute upon mail
>This is great and you could have n ZMailIn product instances throughout 
>Zope site and in any position.
>When email arrives I need to find all the ZMailIn instances within the ZODB
>and hand the email to the correct one.
>I have decided AGAINST searching the ZODB for instances of ZMailIn because
>that is just too scary, hideously inefficient and I don't want to go there.
>Instead I thought of keeping an up-to-date list of where all the current
>instances where held.  My original idea was to get the ZMailIn product to
>write a file in to the /lib/python/Products/ZMailIn directory, which
>shouldn't cause any problems that I can see.
>However, It had occurred to me that with the current growth of Zope it was
>going to become more popular that separate Zope instances of the same
>product may need to share some data.
>So my question is this:
>What are peoples opinions on storing shared product data?  Where should it
>be placed?  Should this ability be added to Zope as a standard?
>Thanks in advance.
>-Andy Dawkins
>(New Information Paradigms Ltd)
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