>If you can at all avoid it, I think you should find a way to store it in
>the ZODB.

Ultimatley thats what I am aiming for

>Maybe a Configuration product that would allow you to create arbitrary
>configuration information and still be able to access it without making
>filesystem calls. Think about DC's Zope on a CD demo. Not that you really
>need to do that sort of thing, but it's really not going to work if you
>have to write stuff to the filesystem.

A Configuration product isn't a bad idea, although it still leaves the
question of where do you put it, in the root? in a configuration directory?
in the Product folder?

>Actually, an XML Docment somewhere at root level should give you the kind
>of flexibility you're looking for. Lot's of people are using XML files
>for conf these days (they're all jumping... don't you want to...)

I am not too keen on writing confurations or preferences documents on the
root.  My reasoning is that the root is not the correct place for that kind
of thing, you don't see any linux confurations in / its all filed away
nicely in respective folders.

>That being said, I totally agree that if you need to store something in a
>file, put it in Zope/var. I, for one, have my Zope application code on
>partition along with other apps, and the data, like Data.fs on another. I
>typically don't expect the apps partition to grow very much, or very
>often, In fact, only when I install something. So it would be quite
>shocking to have that space filling unexpectedly.

This is how it is going to work for now.  I have taken Dan Piersons advice
for this one.

Thanks for your comments.


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