Chris Withers writes:
 > I'm trying to do a tree walk and copy with:
 > <dtml-in objectValues>
 >  <dtml-call "REQUEST['where'][-1].manage_addFolder(id)">
 >  Created <dtml-var id> in <dtml-var "REQUEST['where'][-1].id"><BR>
 >  <dtml-if "meta_type=='Folder'">
 >    <dtml-call "REQUEST['where'].append(this())">
 >    <dtml-var iterate>
 >    <dtml-call "REQUEST['where'].pop()">
 > ....etc...
 > but I get the following truly horrible error from the manage_addFolder
 > any ideas?
 > Chris
 > Error Type: TypeError
 > Error Value: read-only character buffer, Python Method
"manage_addFolder" wants to have a string argument (that is
what "read-only character buffer" usually means).
Instead, it get a "Python Method".

  "id" is often a method returning a string, not directly a string.
  Sometimes, i.e. for some classes, it is the string itself.

You may use "_['id']". This is equivalent to "id()", if
"id" is callable and to "id", if it is not.


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