Martijn Pieters wrote:
> THis rings vague bells of IIS or some other proxy server or somthing
> converting LF tp CRLF but not updating the Content-Length header, thus having
> your browser drop part of the transmission.
> I could be talking absolute nonsense of course.

To much work on ZopeStudio I think ;-)

It was way more than a few characters off, usually I would get about 20%
of the page...

To be fair, it's only ever happened when I'm causing an error, but it's
not healthy...

Like those invalid header (0) errors that still pop up if you don't have
<HTML><HEAD></HEAD></HTML> on the frotn of anything that gets squirted
over HTTP (whether it's HTML or not ;-)

I'm betting this is the fault of that BASE tag too ;-)

good luck with ZS,


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