"Phillip J. Eby" wrote:
> Yep, like "Acquisition" and "object publishing".  :)  Seriously, that is
> very much the level we're talking about here. 

I know, there are docs explaining acquisition and object publishing has
an implicit meaning. Things like 'Specialist' and 'DataSkin' don't have
implicit enough meaning unless you're on the 'inside' of ZPatterns...

> Also, as in the early days of Zope, terminology
> evolves and changes as the developers of the concepts seek better ways to
> explain them to other people.

Hmm, unlike the early days of Zope, would you mind documenting these
changes so we have more to 'grab hold of'? ;-)

<snip where 'specialist' came from>

Perhaps a set of 'glossary' wiki pages? These would have the name of the
object/class/type/word/whatever with links to what it used to be called
as well as to documentation abotu what it currently is and if it's been
outdated, what it's called now (and why its name changed).
I might take a hack at this for you to fill in but I doubt I have the
time or understanding to make much headway...

SteveA, you seem to get all this stuff? could you knock something up for
Ty and Phil to 'fill in'?

<snip things are becoming simpler>

I think I see that now, but if the wiki was kept up to date by the
people who understand it best, Ty & Phil ;-), then the rest of us might
have a chance of keeping up :-)

> Unfortunately, all this evolution makes ZPatterns a moving target for
> comprehension at the moment.  In spite of this, my reading of the lists
> seems to indicate that there are a few people besides Ty and myself who are
> actually achieving results with the framework. 

I've noticed this too, and it's very cool :-))

> I hope that they can help
> to provide more accessible how-to materials, 

Someone must have money for this? (sadly not me... CoSource time?)

> because I'm still very focused
> on *finishing* ZPatterns to the level that my "paying job" requires.  And
> it's likely going to be a few months before my "paying job" requires that I
> have introductory docs available for the tools (although I'd personally
> really like to have some available before then).

Ah well, hopefully I won't need it till then... :S

Good luck in the meantime,


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