putting together a zope python product to represent a CD isn't hard at
all. if you go the product route you'll be able to index and search
across all attributes of the CD object using ZCatalog.

check out the "boring product" at, it is a good guide
to the framework making up a zope product.


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> Subject: [Zope-dev] Use ZODB3 and ZCatalog for indexing purposes
> Hi,
> I'm wondering about using ZODB3 and ZCatalog for a 
> CD-indexing project. The
> actual cd-roms will seldom change after they've been 
> registered, and I'd
> like to have some sort of auto-full-text-search feature.
> How does ZODB3 and ZCatalog fit in this picture? I'm NOT making a
> Zope-product yet, just a plain python-script, using ZODB/ZCatalog for
> storage. Later, the thing will have a Zope-interface, but for 
> now I'm having
> so much trouble with my current implementation using 
> PostgreSQL, mostly due
> to the fact that I cannot get full-text-searching, that I 
> really need some
> progress now. I'm dealing with plain python objects the 
> entire time, but
> searching is alpha/omega in this case and will break it 
> completly if not
> implemented correctly.
> Any hints, tips, flames or just emails sent out of boredome, 
> I'm a lonely
> coder who needs a stinkin' break before I go completly nuts, 
> so any feedback
> will be great. :->
> Thomas

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