Just been reading about this and I was wondering how is coming along...

Is it in the fishbowl under another name or should it be in the

Shane, would the argument list be a management tab for methods?
That sounds cool to me :-)

I reckon 'self' should always be the equivalent of the python 'self' or
not exist to avoid confusion. I guess that means it wouldn't get used
much since it would be the actual method-object (and I thought that was
an oxymoron ;-) but with the possibility opf things like __render__ and
__call__, who knows...

The argument list would be great, 'cos you could then be able to specify
additional arguments of type 'binding' which might be any of the
following from you list: (select by dropdown? ;-)

> Bind to the object containing a method,

> Bind to the object that acquired a method, and possibly

> Bind to the object containing the method in the context of the object that acquired 
>the method, and maybe even

> When a method is defined in a ZClass, bind to the instance in such a way that 
>attribute lookup is performed in the baseclasses of the class defining the method 
>(aka bind to "super").

So you could get to any or all of those as you need in your method. Of
course, new users wouldn't have to worry about this until they needed to
do something that used it.

The other option would be to have these automatically bound to certain
names (like _ is now) but perhaps that would be more confusing?

Thoughts and comments would be great :-)



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