Shane Hathaway wrote:
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> Hmm.  No, that's not really related.

How so? Can you list the differences and if they're orthogonal try and
explain it to me? You 'get' this but I sadly don't :( 
(yet.. ;-)

> > >
> > Hurm, have I duplicated that with this?
> >

> Just make sure they both refer to each other for now.

Done :-)

> That's the plan.  In fact, there is a difference between "templates"
> and "methods", so the base class might be called "MethodOrTemplate".

What is the difference between methods and templates other than the
scripting paradigm used?
Whether it's template or procedural scripting (or functional or
declarative ;-) shoudln't the underlying method structure be the same?
I think that's what you're sugesting, so maybe just call it
'CallableObject' rather than "MethodOrTemplate"?

> It's not, really, but the current management interface is restrictive
> on the number of tabs you should use.

Yes, I've noticed that too..
Perhaps management tabs should have the option of a 'second row' of tab?

So, for example, you click on security, then the next row of tabs
appears just below the first lot (different colour maybe?), in the
security example the second row would contain:

-'Permissions' (the default),
-'Local Roles'
-'Proxy Roles' (in the case of CallableObjects)
-'User Defined Roles' 

So, you wouldn't need the varying 'Proxy','Defined Permissions' and
'Security' tabs that currently exist (didn't notice that 'Security
chanegs its name to 'Defined Permissions' on methods until now, how
confusing :S) which I think would make the interface a lot clearer...

What do you think?



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