Hi Jim, (or any zope-dev'ers who can explain this ;-)

I've just been reading:

...and I've got confused on the 'Getting the containment wrapper'

In anser to 'What is A.B.C.D?' I can't see how you can get:
((D o (C o A)) o (B o A))

Here's my working:

A.B.C.D = (B o A) : .C.D
        = ((C o A) o (B o A)) : .D
        = ((D o C) o ((C o A) o (B o A)))

You can't apply the simplification:
((Z o Y) o (Y o Z))

to the leftmost section 'cos the brackets are in the wrong place...

so how to you make the jump to:

        = ((D o (C o A)) o (B o A)) (but should it?!)

Also, is the definition "aq_inner is obtained by finding the innermost
wrapped object" the same as "aq_inner is the 'self'/'object' part of the
current aquisiton wrapper"?

Confusedly and looking for help,


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