Guess noone could help me. I chunked it into the bug collector now.


Peter Arvidsson skrev:
> I started this thread on the regular zope mailinglist but now I found a
> similar posting to my problem in the archives.
> I have fileobjects where I store pdf-files. If I want to change the
> pdf-file I use the method "manage_upload". The problem is that if I try
> to view it it always choose the one that is in the cache. It displays
> the new one if I open it in a new window or if I save it to disk. The
> filesize and everything else is for the new file. The thread I found was
> this:
> This points to a bug report and after serching for it I found it:
> [754] Zope Bug: Uploaded Images Don't Appear Immediately
> Category: General Last Updated: Oct 29, 1999 7:05 am
> Submitted On: Oct 12, 1999 3:58 am Status: Ongoing
> Reported Version: 2.0.1 Expected/Fixed Version:
> The strange thing is that this is still Ongoing after almost a year
> since it was submitted!
> There was a fix for the problem in the mailinglist thread but
> 1. I dont know if is used for all files and
> 2. I looked in and didnt fing the code to be similar to the one
> in the thread.
> So because I am a newbie in python I want to ask if any1 could take a
> look at this for me and hopefully make a patch or at least get as much
> information I need to chunk it in the collector.
> Peter
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