that property would be set by calling...

self._p_changed = 1

right after you changed anything in that list.


on 8/16/00 9:37, R. David Murray at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> On Wed, 16 Aug 2000, Bob Pepin wrote:
>> attribute of the class. When I append something to that list, it stays
>> there at first, but only until I restart Zope. It disappears (==is set
> You have to let Zope know that the object has been modified so
> it knows to commit it to disk.
> x = self.list
> x.append('something')
> self.list = x
> will do that.  Hmm.  Actually I suppose that
> self.list.append('something')
> self.list = self.list
> would also work.  (The point is for __setattr__ to get called so
> Zope can notice that the object has changed).
> There's also a property you can set on self to notify zope of the
> modification, but I forget it's name.

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