Bob Pepin wrote:
> On Wed, Aug 16, 2000 at 05:31:29PM +0100, Carlos Neves wrote:
> > You directly change a nonpersistence participant object.
> > As stated in
> > :
> [...]
> > but mainly... RTFM ;-)
> Well, thanks, but too bad the only FM I've been able to find about Zope are
> those .py files in lib/python/...
> I spent a whole day looking for documentation on ZODB internals on and
>, without being able to find anything... how about adding that
> paper to the search engine on Is there more documentation like that
> one out there?

a couple actually, not located so that you can find them but they exist

jim fulton's paper from the ipc8 (python conference) is excellent
reading material.

also the uml models

and another excellent paper by andrew kuchling on zodb and ZEO

there is also a how-to...



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