Evan Simpson wrote:
> There a patch sitting around waiting for DTML syntaxgeddon which allows
> slash-separated paths in object names everywhere, not just in entity syntax.
> That could easily be extended to also allow colons as separators.

Cool :-)

I suggested the / thing to Steve who pointed out that
&dtml-/folder/object; is bad XML/SGML and so 'Not a Good thing (tm)'

What's this DTML syntaxgeddon then? ;-)
This sounds like something I'd really be interested in as you can see
from my ZTL proposal on dev.zope.org.

Sadly, that didn't seems to get very far :(
However, I'm pretty confident that when  say DTML is a mess right now,
I'm not far wrong. How can I get involved in the process to try and
rectify this?



PS: Part of the 'DTML problem' is the lack of well defined interfaces
for some things, and, more importantly, a decent generalised method
interface covering DTML methods, Python Methods, Perl Methods, External
Methods, etc..

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