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> I suggested the / thing to Steve who pointed out that
> &dtml-/folder/object; is bad XML/SGML and so 'Not a Good thing (tm)'

Yes, well, making DTML compatible with XML is explicitly *not* a current
goal, although having ':' as an alternative separator should make folks who
have to deal with it happy.  In all other naming areas, especially indirect
reference (ie. expr="_['/folder/object']") I much prefer slashes.

> What's this DTML syntaxgeddon then? ;-)
> This sounds like something I'd really be interested in as you can see
> from my ZTL proposal on

There are so many ideas for revising DTML that the whole thing ought to be
done as a single large change (the syntaxgeddon) rather than dribbling out
new features and spellings over time.  That can easily make people feel that
they can't keep up with "all these crazy changes".

> However, I'm pretty confident that when  say DTML is a mess right now,
> I'm not far wrong. How can I get involved in the process to try and
> rectify this?

Just keep giving feedback on those proposals.


Evan @ digicool & 4-am

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