Hi Bill,

   I doubt that skinscript is going to help with 'potentially
complicated calculations'. Skin Script works with ZPatterns
(Specifically DataSkins) to provide control over how attributes of
DataSkins are gotten, and stored. They are normally pretty simple 

"if THIS then THAT" 

kinds of things (basically a set of one line expressions that handle
substitutions that occur under various circumstances... ). It would
be a lot easier to answer your question if you could elaborate a bit
on the 'get me what I want' part of your query. ;-) The best documentation
I've seen yet is an email from pje about the current implementation:


Hope that helps...


>>>>> "Bill" == Bill Anderson <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Bill> OK, I have some potentially complicated calculations to
    Bill> build on a Ticket Tracking system I've built here. I can do
    Bill> it in python mehtods, but am wondering if skinscript will
    Bill> get me what i want as well. If anyone has done dome stuff in
    Bill> skinscript they can share I would be ecstatic. I don't
    Bill> necessarily need a tutorial (but would be happy to review
    Bill> and rate one :), as I can learn fairly well from examples
    Bill> that have an explanation of what the skinscript
    Bill> accomplishes.

    Bill> TIA, Bill

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