Monty Taylor wrote:
> Hey, is there any doco about using ZSQL Methods from Python Products?

Not that I'm aware of. You simply call them pretty much like
any other Python callable thing. The signature is:

  someMethod([mapping, **other_arguments])


     mapping is a mapping object that provides SQL method arguments, and
     can include other information. (The actual name of the positional
     argument may be "REQUEST" ;).  This argument is optional.

     You can also provide arguments as named keywords.  


> Also, does anyone know of any work done to extend ZSQL Methods to allow
> stored-procedure calls?

No, but I'd love to see someone tackle it. The semantics
of stored procedures varies so widely accross databases, that
I doubt that it would be easiliy generalizable. I think, at
least for starters, a form of stored procedure support for
Oracle would make alot of sense.

> I know I can do an Oracle Procedure call from
> DCOracle that returns a cursor, but I'd love to combine that with the
> caching/pluggable brains of ZSQL Methods. Is there anything out there on
> this or am I going to have to roll my own?

I think you'd have to roll your own. If you want to 
do something reusable that other people could use, I'd be
happy to provide whatever advice and support I can.

Note that one of the things I like about Oracle's stored procedures
is that they allow me to avoid screwing with cursors in the common case
that I'm getting one row of data.  I can just get the data I need through 
a straight function call.  The DCOracleStorage uses stored procedures
almost exclusively.


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