> Do you feel that weblogs are bad models for debates?  I think they're
> pretty good least-common-denominators.  I would probably prefer the
> kind of annotation-based thing i described in my last message (and
> began to sketch in the WikiNG proposal) for collaborative generation
> of documents, but i can see the place for weblogs, just as i can see a
> place for network chats.  With adequate integration of email
> (for notification and response), i see them as better than just
> email...

I like the email list proposal of Martijn Faassen earlier on this list. I
added some comments to the Wiki discussion page, where someone proposed
using XML for Wikis:

I agree with Peter that the proposal is practically shouting XML all over
the place. In a Zopish way this would mean dividing up a Wiki page in
different objects (say Topics or Paragraphs or whatever). So a Wiki page
would become an XML document, consisting of Wiki node documents. The
advantage is that this would allow for a presentation in the form of

- one or several continuous pages as in the OFWikis (OF=Old Fashioned as
opposed to NG).

- a presentation with 'folded' nodes (like in a folding editor)

- a threaded discussion a la S[qu|w]ishdot or the Discussable thingy

- an XML document (for who would want it)

The editing could be in the form of Martijn Faassens XML Widgets editor: put
a node point in front of a 'discussable' node, promote that one to the top
when the 'node point' is clicked on and allow for editing. An example below,
in which the o stands for an editable (=clickable) node point (for wiki
reasons I have not put blank lines between them.

o this is the first editable node
 > (user::time) this is a comment to it
   > (user::time) and another comment to that
 > (user::time) this another one
   > (user::time) more comments
o this the second one
this one is not editable
o this one is
 > (user::time) a commennt to the last node

alternate view (in threaded discussion mode - probably know to all):
(- is foldable; + is expandable)
-This is the first editable node
 + this is a comment to it
 -  this another one
   - and another one to that
- this the second one
this one is not editable
+this one is

another 2 cents


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