Chris Withers wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
> > > So, if I give my product a class attribute of isDocTemp=1, what
> > > signature should I give my product's __call__ method so it picks up the
> > > DTML namespace?
> >
> >   def __call__(self, ignored, md): ...
> Right, now if I call other DTML methods from my __call__ method, can I
> just call them with:
> self.nav_header(self, ignored, md)?

No: self.nav_header(None, md)
> In any case, what is self in __call__(self, ...) and what should it be
> in nav_header(self, ...)?

Python method signatures always begin with an argument that is the instance
to which they are bound.
> > > In either case, what do I need to go to get hold of what would be
> > > PARENTS[0-1], if you see what I mean?
> >
> > I don't see what you mean.
> myobject contains <dtml-var standard_html_header>
> standard_html_header contains <dtml-var mynavigator>

Is myobject a DTMLMethod? Some kind of container?
I don't see how it can contain a var tag if it's not
DTML.  If it is DTML, I don't see where mynavigator
fits in.
> __call__ is a method of the Navigator product, of which mynavigator is
> an instance.
> Anyway, in that __call__, self.REQUEST.PARENTS =
> [zope-app,folder,object] (roughly)
> By PARENTS[0-1], I meant the myobject object, itself.

Uh OK. 
> Hurm, I'm finding this hard to explain clearly, let me know if I'm
> getting closer :-S

OK, you've snipped the orignal question, so I'm off the hook. :)
(I don't really know if you want me to comment on anything
else here.)
> > I think that if you say:
> >
> >   <dtml-var expr="">
> >
> > that foo's namespace should take precedence over
> > the DTML namespace,
> Okay, I see what you mean now :-)
> > > render?
> >
> > Well, a number of people have suggested that there should
> > be a separate render (ie call as subtemlpate) interface.
> > Maybe that's what what you meant.
> Nope... line 258:
>         def render(self, md):
> what I think the people who mentioned it to me were talking about.

Ok, well that's that's part of the DTML tag interface, which I assume
you aren't interested in.
> > > If there's an easier way to get this from within the __call__ method of
> > > a python product, someone PLEASE tell me! ;-)
> >
> > aq_chain(x, 1)[-1:] should give this to you, I believe, or
> > be very close. :)
> Won't that just return x? (hmm... does aq_chain return
> [child,...,parent] or [parent,...,child]?)

[child ... parent]
> I think the hard part fo the problem I'm trying to solve is finding out
> what x is from within the __call__ method.
> Any help muchly appreciated, sorry this is takign such a long time to
> sort out in my head... ;-)

The Zope debugger is your friend. It's a good way to 
find out some details like this.


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