Jim Fulton wrote:
<snip __call__ stuff>

Okay, this is almost the same, but apparently not the same.

I have a Python Product Class, with a method, a_method, that gets called
from some of the Python Product's management screens (encapsulation is
good ;-)

This method needs several parameters from the namespace, so when it's
called I was hoping I wouldn't have to do something nasty and clunky

<dtml-var "a_method(param1,param2,param3)">

Given my recently acquired __call__ Zen, I thought 'No problem...' and
tried to define the method as follows:

    isDocTemplate = 1

    def a_method(self, ignored=None, md=None):

...with the hope I'd just be able to do <dtml-var a_method> and pluck
the stuff from md.

No dice.

md and ignored turn up as None from all the <dtml-var a_method> calls.

What am I doing wrong? How can I get access to the namespace in a method
of a class like this?



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