Context: Getting xml-rpc working with the Macromedia Flash 5 XML handling tools.

Problem: Flash sends the XML as application/x-www-form-urlencoded instead of as
text/xml (which I shall report as a bug to Macromedia, but I'm not holding my
breath for a correction/patch).

Now I've used the source and I can see that this won't work as it stands but
I'll swear that a couple of weeks back, just after I got the Flash 5 upgrade I
had this running with whatever version of Zope was extant then! Unfortunately
I've been following along with the CVS checkouts without archiving them so I
can't prove it. 

Anyone remember if there have been recent changes in this area ?

And I'd be glad of a hint as to how to go about patching my Zope to allow both
forms of encoding: my first naive attempt to just add an 'or' clause to the
content-type test in didn't work :-(

And, as I'm not so experienced in Zope fiddling, what is the best approach to
doing 'print statement' type debugging - I tried using zLOG.LOG but as near as
I can tell the logging didn't go anywhere that I could find! Are there gotchas
in using logging like this?

In retrospect, I suppose the two previous paras may also just indicate that
it's never getting to that part of the code at all .... oh dear !

Thanks in advance for any help or hints,

Nigel Head
Houbits Hi-Tech Servers

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