This a message from a newbie to the Zope-xml process.
I have already tried to get pointers to the current discussion, 
but it has been difficult to get some.

So this is my participation to the current building process. I 
hope it is not a repeat of concepts which has already been 
proposed many times.

XSLT is a tree-to-tree transformation language. Most current 
implementations rely on the DOM to access the tree. As a Zope 
system can currently be accessed through ZDOM, it should be 
possible to apply a XSLT stylesheet to any Zope node, provided 
that those nodes have been designed to output XML. This would 
allow to go a step further than 'just' transforming a 
XMLDocument stored in ZODB but also to access totally dynamic 
XML produced with the whole potential of Zope (DTML, ZSQL, 
Python, Perl and so on).

You would be able to associate specific stylesheet to the 
different nodes level (XSLTMethod) and to associate a default 
XSLT to any folderish or documentish object in ZODB.

This would ease the presentation-content separation we all wish 
to build inside or Web Applications.

I think this is a better path for complex apps than the template 
model. In fact, by producing XML, you give yourself a bigger 
chance to reuse the logic hidden inside the data aggregation 
process than by having to rebuild access to the different 
methods you built to fill a XHTML template. I perfectly get that 
the publishing environments needs both tools to provide 
solutions to both simple and complex contexts.

I would really appreciate any comment on this small brick for 
the building. 


PS Excuse the cross posting on Zope-Dev and Zope-xml but Zope-
xml does not seem to still be alive.

Godefroid Chapelle

BubbleNet sprl
rue Victor Horta 30
1348 Louvain-la-Neuve 

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