I've been out of the Zope world for a few months... now I'm back and 
I need to quickly write a small-scale e-commerce application. It's 
got enough peculiarities to make it impossible to do with eTailer or 
EMarket, so I'm trying to figure out the best tools and approach to 
use for writing it, but so much has changed in Zope since I last 
worked with it. There's ZPatterns, LoginManager instead of 
GenericUserFolder, new session management products... the new tools 
seem much better than the old, but most are in development and carry 
dire warnings, and at least some of the old tools don't work in Zope 

Can anyone provide a quick rundown of the best choices for building a 
production site at this time? I'm going to need sessions, user 
registration and login, and the usual array of e-commerce pieces 
(products, carts, orders, payments...), with all data stored in SQL.

I started reading about ZPatterns but I still can't get my head 
around it... I'm wondering if I should try to learn it fast enough 
for this project, or stick to what I already know. What in people's 
experience is the typical learning curve for ZPatterns? How much am I 
going to have to figure out to be able to build support for SQL 
storage? I couldn't find any examples for SQL use in ZPatterns - did 
I miss anything?

Thanks in advance for any comments.
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