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> > Ive been using Zope only with Python 2.0 recently. 
> That's great to hear. I'm frankly a bit surprised that
> this works.

2.0 is a suprisingly conservative upgrade from 1.5.2

> Did you have to make many changes to Zope?

All my critical patches are already merged into the Zope cvs, or the Python
cvs ;-)

There are also some non-critical bug fixes related to Unicode awareness,
bundled up with my other Unicode-In-Zope patches at
http://www.zope.org/Members/htrd/wstring. These mostly relate to the fact
that Zope does not defend against objects that raise exceptions when
converted to a string using str() - and Unicode objects do this frequently.

(At the moment these extra patches are not 1.5.2 compatible... Ill work on
this if DC feel the need for a transition period during which Zope supports
both 1.5.2 and 2.0.)

> I heard that ExtensionClass didn't work with Python 2.0.

It looks like a little work is needed to support 2.0's garbage collection of
cyclic trash - but thats not enabled by default. Apart from that, everything
works very well. (In some ways, better than 1.5.2)

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