Shane Hathaway wrote:
> Jim Fulton wrote:
> >
> > Shane Hathaway wrote:
> > >
> > > Jim Fulton wrote:
> > > > Note that if you get called from the web, RESPONSE will
> > > > not be none. This is a handy way to decide if you
> > > > are called from the web or as a sub-template. Of course,
> > > > someone could pass a non-None RESPONSE argument directly.
> > >
> > > This convention is helpful but not at all documented, so products (ZWiki
> > > is a good example) often break this convention.
> >
> > Which convention? The passing of arguments with names meaningful to
> > the publisher is certainly well documented.
> No, I was referring to the convention of RESPONSE being passed only if
> ZPublisher is calling the method.  It is not documented and often
> broken.

The fact that ZPublisher will pass it is documented.  Whether
or not something else calls it is up to the something else.
The method designer specified an interface that includes RESPONSE.
If it requires RESPONSE, by not specifying a default, then it 
requires the clients to oass it. If the clients don't, then they
are not satisfying the interface.  Are you saying that objects
that require that RESPONSE is passed are broken because they don't
sufficiently advertise the fact?


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