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>What's the current state of Zope with Python 2.0? My current
>understanding of the issues is:
> - Problem with ExtensionClasses and 2.0's circular reference GC.
>   Can someone elaborate on this? Is configuring python2.0 with

That used to be a problem with some early cvs release, but it seems to
have gone away now.

Note that ExtensionClasses do not yet participate in the gc machinery,
so cycles involving them can still not be collected.

>   the --without-cycle-gc flag a sufficient workaround for now?

I suggest this is the first thing you try if python faults during

> - Python 2.0's cPickle and cStringIO should be used instead of the
>   Zope-supplied versions.


>Is that it? Anything else I'm missing?

There are several places where Zope is not defending against objects
which raise an exception inside str(). This has not been a problem up
to now, but 2.0's unicode objects expose the problem.

The most serious possible effect is of terminating a publisher thread.
Fixes for these bugs are bundled into my patches to support Unicode,
at http://www.zope.org/Members/htrd/wstring

Other than that, 2.0 is great. Ive been using it extensively for
several months now without problem.

Toby Dickenson

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