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> > - Problem with ExtensionClasses and 2.0's circular reference GC.
> >   Can someone elaborate on this? Is configuring python2.0 with
> That used to be a problem with some early cvs release, but it seems to
> have gone away now.

Yep... I tried it before you replied and it seems to work just fine.

> Note that ExtensionClasses do not yet participate in the gc machinery,
> so cycles involving them can still not be collected.

However, Zope code should be fine because that's always been the case :)

> There are several places where Zope is not defending against objects
> which raise an exception inside str(). This has not been a problem up
> to now, but 2.0's unicode objects expose the problem.

But again, not something that should effect existing code (which should
never generate unicode objects)

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