Thanks, I did find the error on why Lynx was not working.

Was just a brain fart on my end. I forgot to include the single quotes
around the url.

example :

lynx -auth=username:password ''

Test is just a folder that has a user folder in it. So you can use this to
delete users in lower folders why keeping the admin in the root.
For anyone who does not know why I needed the quotes .... in uxin the &
symbol pushes the program to the background . So lynx would run but only up
to right after the acl_users line. Putting in it single quotes says not to
change and run as is.

Keith Larson
Web Developer

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Casey Duncan wrote:
> Keith Larsen Wrote:
> > I have found a way to kill the user via a link or straight html url
> >
> >
http://username:[EMAIL PROTECTED]:8080/testfolder?ids:list=acl_users&;

> manage_delObjects:method=Delete
> > now if I can get my lynx to run it ok I will be set. ( lynx does not
> > it so far but works fine from a browser url )
> If Lynx isn't working, try the -force_html switch. I think Lynx gets
> confused by the fact that the URL does not point to a .htm or .html file.

I doubt it is the lack of .htm/.html. Ihave a cronjob set up via lynx
that accesses a zope URL that doesn't have a .anything, and it works

Add the --source switch to lynx, it should work then. In my case, I call
a URL that creates an instance of a ZClass. I suspect the
username:password _may_ be a factor, but it is likely you just need to
add the --source.


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