Hi Roche,

   PJE produced some great comments about this in reaction to
my lame attempt at an example. There also some good discussion
about other questions on the list. Here are a few choice posts:





hope that help... sometime (soon?) I hope to get a chance to re-work
the example with references to these posts, plus fixes to make
the example 'fit' the model. Also.. I want to incorporate another
specialist to demonstrate interapplication integration.

>>>>> "Roch'e" == Roch'e Compaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Roch'e> It's been a while since i've had time to explore ZPatterns
    Roch'e> - and now the time has come that I am considering to base
    Roch'e> development for a new project on ZPatterns.

    Roch'e> I think I'm better prepared now - I read Coad's Object
    Roch'e> Models, and implemented a data management layer in Delphi.

    Roch'e> The project envolves Customer Relationship Management -
    Roch'e> like openticket, but I don't like openticket's tight
    Roch'e> coupling with the SQL databases.

    Roch'e> First stupid question: Are ZClasses based on Dataskins PD
    Roch'e> (Problem Domain) objects or DM (Data Management) objects?
    Roch'e> Can somebody possible categorize the main classes in
    Roch'e> ZPatterns according to Problem Domain, User Interface,
    Roch'e> Data Management?

    Roch'e> Would it be safe to base development on ZPatterns if I
    Roch'e> want to use an SQL RDBMS as storage and ZPatterns as
    Roch'e> DataManagement layer ie. is ZPatterns stable engough?

    Roch'e> Roché

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