Hi Nigel,

   Yes.. the example still works. I am working on an update that 
incorporates some of the suggestions folks have made and better
illustrates some ZPatterns concepts. Basically the example is *too*
simple, and it doesn't separate PD, and UI issues very well..


>>>>> "Nigel" == Nigel Head <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Nigel> OK, I've finally got a little leisure to re-assess my way
    Nigel> of making Zope apps (which so far has been 99.9% ZClasses)
    Nigel> and it seems the way to go might be ZPatterns. In true Zope
    Nigel> tradition the docs (at least the simple docs) seem to leave
    Nigel> quite a steep learning curve :-)

    Nigel> After searching the zope-dev mail for a while I've happened
    Nigel> on the thread from Steve S. describing the simplest example
    Nigel> he could think of. Is this still a valid example for the
    Nigel> current version of ZPatterns?

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