> The FSF page says this in regards to the ZPL:
> [snip]
> > We urge you not to use the license of Zope for software you write.
> However,
> > there is no reason to avoid running programs that have been released under
> > this license, such as Zope.
> So what is the issue you are raising? Any software you write on or for Zope
> can be licensed in any manner you choose. Stallman et al may not "approve"
> of the ZPL mostly I think because it has more in common with the BSD license
> than the GPL, in that binary distribution of Zope is allowed without the
> source code.

As Lalo Martins has pointed out the problem is with the fourth clause of
the ZPL, which rms calls "the obnoxious advertising clause". That clause
makes the ZPL GPL-Incompatible, it's illegal to distribute GPL code together
with GPL-Incompatible code, that's what stopped Debian to distribute KDE.
Because of this I've decided to use LGPL instead of GPL for my zope
software, but I know there's people that don't use Zope because of this


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