Hi Petr,

If you're running on something unixy.. you could use ZCVSMixin... 


>>>>> "PK" == Petr Knapek <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    PK> Hi Zopists, I am working on a Zope project and we decided to
    PK> store source code in CVS. With python Zope products there is
    PK> no problem.  The work with CVS is very comfortable but I do
    PK> not know how to make comfortable also the working with Zope
    PK> methods which we would like have them in CVS also in plain
    PK> text format and not in zope export or XML format.  I would
    PK> prefer this: Put Zope methods into our CVS and edit them in my
    PK> working copy of CVS. When I restart Zope the Zope methods
    PK> which are in my CVS working copy will be placed into ZODB or
    PK> they will replace the content of existing ones.  Is this
    PK> possible and if yes can you advice me how to do this?  Or give
    PK> me some URL on documentation how others solve this problem.

    PK> Thank you very much in advance, Petr -- Petr Knápek NEXTRA
    PK> Czech Republic, s.r.o., Hlinky 114, 603 00 Brno, Czech
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