Hmm... since triggers are done at transaction commit time, could
it be that the 'change' trigger doesn't happen if the change
occurs on the same transaction as an 'add'?


>>>>> "bentzion" == bentzion  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    bentzion> This simple issue is driving me crazy...  I am trying to
    bentzion> create a DataSkin with some Properties in a MySQL
    bentzion> database. So I have an ID, NAME, and DESCRIPTION that is
    bentzion> in REQUEST and using:

    bentzion> <dtml-let ni="newItem(key=REQUEST['key'])"
    bentzion> nips="ni.propertysheets.get('Basic')"> <dtml-call
    bentzion> "nips.manage_changeProperties(REQUEST=REQUEST)">
    bentzion> </dtml-let>

    bentzion> The item gets created but the Properties are not
    bentzion> changed.

    bentzion> Can someone please post the ADD/CHNAGE Trigger syntax
    bentzion> and accompanying ZSQL Methods for a simple creation of a
    bentzion> DataSkin ZClass.

    bentzion> Much appreciated.

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