Seems that way Steve.

I have tried to do this in an external method with self.get_transaction.commit(1) 
before doing the changeProperties, but that didn't seem to work. 

Is there another way to do this? the CHANGE trigger works fine on its own.

How are others creating new items with properties from an HTML FORM? Should I be doing 
this another way?

I can't wait to figure out ZPatterns, I think it is the best way to create Zope 
applications! It seems to allow you to have the best of Zope objects along with your 
data secure and accessible from a RDBMS. (At least that is the value I see, there are 
probably others...)

Please help. Thanks,

Hmm... since triggers are done at transaction commit time, could
it be that the 'change' trigger doesn't happen if the change
occurs on the same transaction as an 'add'?


>>>>> "bentzion" == bentzion  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    bentzion> This simple issue is driving me crazy...  I am trying to
    bentzion> create a DataSkin with some Properties in a MySQL
    bentzion> database. So I have an ID, NAME, and DESCRIPTION that is
    bentzion> in REQUEST and using:

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