Ok, I'll bite.  Why doesn't the standard folder scale?  Seems like a
design flaw to me - why doesn't the default folder use catalogs or BTrees?

>>>>> "Casey" == Casey Duncan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

    Casey> Brett Carter wrote:
    >>> I have a folder with greater than 5000 ZClass instances in it.  It
    >>> takes > 5mins to do an objectValues for every object in the folder -
    >>> is there a higher perfomance call I could make?
    >>> -Brett

    Casey> Standard folder performance degrades pretty quickly once you get
    Casey> a lot of objects in it. There are two solutions to this:

    Casey> Subdivide your objects into multiple folders.
    Casey> Use a BTreeFolder which should be much faster.

    Casey> You can download the BTreeFolder product
    Casey> here: http://www.zope.org/Members/hathawsh/BTreeFolder/

    Casey> hth,
    Casey> Casey Duncan

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