generating zclasses out of an UML model should be possible and I want 
to implement it, 
but it has to be checked if all features of ZClasses have a match in 
UML and vice versa.

For example a method in UML can be generated as a DTML 
Method... and lots of other questions.
this could be defined through stereotypes on the UML side, but that is still a big 
bunch of work.

Before I go into generating zclasses I want to complete and publish the
reverse engineering, therefor I want to clear some questions (see my original mail).

another question:

What's up with ObjectDomain, I haven't seen any change on their website
since months, the currend release is still R3 Beta. Are they dead at But its JPython scripting feature makes it my 
favorite tool for this task....


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From: Maik Röder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 2000 16:11:57 +0100

>Hi Joachim !
>Joachim Schmitz wrote:
>> > I am currently developing a tool for reverse engineering
>> > ZClasses into UML using ObjectDomain and JPython.
>> >
>> > this tool connects directly to a Zope instance and queries
>> > the ZClass entities, methods and inheritance relations by
>> > calling a set of utility methods that I implemented as External methods.
>> >
>> > it works fine when reverse engineering ZClasses, their methods and inheritance 
>> >
>> > you can check out a sample result where I reversed a part of Maik Roeder's ZDP 
>tools under
>> >
>> >
>> > If there is interest and time I'll document the reverse engineering tool and 
>publish it on
>> >
>> this is absolutly fantastic, great job Phil.
>> If reverse engeneering is possible, also ZClass generation should be possible,
>> or even better generate a python-product.
>Generating ZClasses out of a model description is what I wanted to do
>for a long
>time, but I couldn't find someone to fund this. Generating a Python
>product is
>something that Eric Enge has done with his mkzproduct.
>I haven't been using "SubObjects" in my ZDP-Tools, so Aggregation is
>defined, except implicitely.
>Best regards,
>Maik Röder

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