Steve Spicklemire wrote:

>  >>>>> "RC" == RC Compaan <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
>     RC> Hi Steve
>     RC> I'm also a babe in the woods when it comes to object
>     RC> modelling, but here's my pennie's worth.  Since code
>     RC> generation was not really required in the models I recently
>     RC> did for Zope Apps and the terrible exchange rate on the South
>     RC> African Rand I decided to use to very light weight Playground
>     RC> modelling tool.  I agree with Steve Alexander that Coad
>     RC> notation serves ZPatterns *better* and this is exactly what
>     RC> Playground uses.
>Ahh.. alas Playground is Win only (if I'm thinking correctly that it's
>the software that came in Coad's book), and I loaned tbe book and CD
>to someone else ... grrrr... ;-)

It is the software that comes with the book, and it is Win only. I 
started using it but switched to ConceptDraw because I got tired of 
turning my chair around to face the Windows machine every time I 
wanted to look at my object model. Like Roche said, you don't need 
code generation, so all you need is to be able to place classes and 
connect them. Playground is nice in that it actually knows about 
classes and lets you view class lists, create connections from the 
list and so on. ConceptDraw is just a drawing program so you won't 
have class lists, and the libraries aren't complete, but on the other 
hand, it works well on a Mac and, unlike Playground, it lets you do 
Coad, UML, Use Cases, activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, component 
diagrams, collaboration diagrams...

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