Hi Itai,

   Good idea! I'll try to add this to the example.


    Itai> P.S. I've been struggling with a problem that might get
    Itai> cleared up if you added it to the example:

    Itai> Say you want to allow a user to add a ToDo from the
    Itai> Deliverable screen (in addition to the existing menu for
    Itai> selecting existing ToDos). You could either place a 'create
    Itai> ToDo' form right there, using a UI snippet from ToDos, or
    Itai> link to ToDos.addToDoForm. The problem is how to get the id
    Itai> of the new ToDo into the deliverable. If you didn't store
    Itai> todo_ids in Deliverable, instead calling
    Itai> ToDos.getToDosForDeliverable(), there would be no
    Itai> problem. Otherwise, you'd need a addToDoInterface in
    Itai> Deliverable, which will call ToDos.addToDo, then add the new
    Itai> ToDo id to todo_ids. Or, as a third option, you could pass a
    Itai> method to ToDos.addToDo, and get it to call this method and
    Itai> give it the new id.

    Itai> What do you think? Want to tackle this in the example?

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