Recently (yesterday and today) we found a few files in the CVS repository
to be corrupt - different than the internal CVS files from which they were
mirrored.  We've run a check to track down all such files, and have
corrected them all.  However, we don't know at this point whether or not
the mirroring process, itself, is corrupt - we don't know whether this is
a one-time or an ongoing problem.

Here's a list of the files that have turned up - they should all be ok
now, and an update of your checkouts should get the fixed versions - at
least for the trunk.  For branches, you should probably move aside your
existing copies of these files (preserving changes) and do an update to
refresh them from the rectified repository files.  They are:

I've done a quick recursive diff of an internal and public checkout to
determine that this is all of them, at least at the moment.  Assuming my
check was accurate, we'll know that we have a continuing problem if new
ones show up - hopefully not, but keep a lookout, and let me know if you
discover any more.

(Thanks to shane and dyon balding for pointing out the problem.)


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