> OK, I've put this into the Collector.  I'm intrigued as to what
> the operating procedure is with the Collector though - there appear
> to be a large number of Pending jobs.  Does that mean that Digital
> Creations haven't even looked at them, or that they just haven't
> done anything about them?

The current Collector is very poor about providing visibility 
of what gets done. Quite a few bugs get closed out - check out 
the CHANGES.txt for each release. Each entry under "bugs fixed" 
generally represents a closed Collector item.

I agree that it seems like there are a lot of things in the 
Collector, but realize that they are not all open and shut 
things. A fair number are feature requests rather than bugs, 
and some of the bug reports are in states that are not very 
visible from the public view (pending more info from the 
submitter, etc.) We hope to move to using Tracker in the 
future to make such things more visible.

That said, there is a finite amount of resources that can go 
into Collector management at any one time (though with recent 
growth that should improve over what it is now). I actively 
triage the Collector before each release looking for reports 
that are high-impact (like memory leaks) to make sure they 
get fixed. I do plan to get to this for 2.3. We can't, however, 
always get to each issue the day it is submitted :)

> http://classic.zope.org:8080/Collector/1772/view
> This is causing big problems with our site, and we need to resolve
> it pretty desperately.  I guess the another solution would be to ensure
> that all calls to SQL columns are the same case as in the database,
> but with around 500 ZSQLMethods - that is a daunting task.

I have a test suite written that verfies this - it actually 
appears to be some interaction with the Record extension 
class (as SQLAliases don't leak if you access them from a 
plain ExtensionClass.Base-derived class). Hopefully I'll 
have a patch or workaround for you today.

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