Evan Simpson wrote:

>From: "Itai Tavor" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
>>  The reason I could do urllib.quote in Python Methods was that I
>>  implemented the MoreBuiltins trick someone described here a while
>>  ago.
>That would be me :-)

Ok ,then, thank you for it :-)

>  > Is there anything that can be done so that adding modules continues
>>  to work?
>Sure.  Since you've already got a MoreBuiltins module, that's probably a
>fine place to put this.  In MoreBuiltins/__init__.py (or a brand new Product
>directory of your choice) put the following lines:
>   import urllib
>   urllib.__allow_access_to_unprotected_subobjects__ = 1
>...and similarly if you want to declare other modules PS-importable.  As of
>2.3, the proper way to do this will be:
>   from AccessControl import ModuleSecurityInfo
>   ModuleSecurityInfo('urllib').setDefaultAccess(1)

Ok, this is simple enough, and it works. But... it opens access to 
everything in urllib. I played around a bit and found that I can't do 
any harm with urlopen because I still don't have access to URLopener 
objects. But urlretrieve does work, and I can imagine being able to 
do some damage with it. MoreBuiltins selected a subset of urllib 
methods to make available for Python Methods - can that be done for 
Python Scripts?
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