Steve Alexander wrote:
> If you use a Folder w/ Customizer Support, you'll need to create all the
> DataSkin instances in the ZODB, just as if they were normal ZClass (or
> whatever) instances. Thus, the instances all need to be "in there" to
> start with. 

Shame, although if I'm really brutal and XP about this, that might not

> You can't add data to your external database, and expect a
> new Dataskin instance to pop up in the ZODB. This is what is meant by
> "When using Folder with Customizer Support, DataSkins are anchored in
> the ZODB".

Is this always going to be the case or just the current implementation?

> You can get the data for your dataskins from a variety of sources,
> whether you choose to use Specialists or Folder w/ Customizer Support.

Cool... would creating a folder objects that subclasses FwCS _and_
DataSkin be a very bad thing, or could I maybe get what I want doing
that and supplying things like objectIds with an attribute provider?

> However, if you use Specialists, you can have the DataSkin instances
> appear only when requested. Thus, you can add records to your external
> database, and thereby have new Dataskins available from your application.

Hurm... could this not be achvieved if, like I mentioned earlier,
objectIds, and whatever else is neeeded, is supplied by something

 > I briefly described this on zope-dev a couple of days ago.

Yup, I saw :-)

Many thanks for all the help,


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