Does ZPatterns provide a nice interface / way for storing classes in a
RDBMS? I have to say using an RDBMS is not as transparent as I would like,
this may may improve it. Finally a reason for me to ZPatterns...

  Andy McKay.

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> Michael Bernstein wrote:
> > So, again: Has anyone run up against any performance or
> > other limitations regarding large numbers (hundreds of
> > thousands or more) of objects stored within the ZODB either
> > in a BTree Folder or a Rack?
> I was looking into the same issues recently, but for a much smaller set of
> data (50000ish). In my tests ZPatterns/binary-trees scaled well for
> and retrieval. But ZCatalog did not. It was basically useless for partial
> matching searches (taking many minutes for searches that retrieved more
> than 100 matches). I was also concerned about the indexing overhead. It
> doesn't scale well when changing/adding many things at a time (we might
> have bulk adds/changes).
> I ended up deciding to go with a RDBMS backend for data storage with a
> ZPatterns interface. SkinScripts work so well for this that I'm actually
> glad I switched. It simplified my design and implementation immensely.
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