Andy McKay wrote:

> Does ZPatterns provide a nice interface / way for storing classes in a
> RDBMS? I have to say using an RDBMS is not as transparent as I would like,
> this may may improve it. Finally a reason for me to ZPatterns...
The best way to get a taste is to try it out. The easiest way to do this is
to install LoginManager plus the DB/DA. Then follow the instructions in...

LoginManager with SQL and Skinscript

I had it up and running pretty quickly following these instructions.

More generally the combo of sql-methods and ZPatterns (ie. skinscripts)
seems pretty compelling. I've used SQLMethods pretty extensively for the
past 18 months.  They have definate limitations which is why I'm working on
the object based system. The ZPatterns abstraction seems to provide the
best of both worlds.  You get the nice parts of SQLMethods; timed cache,
dtml query syntax and web viewable sql querries, plus you get a nice object
abstractaction (much better than plugable brains). SkinScripts allow for
easy attribute and trigger handling, basically like a simple object
description language.

If you can't tell, I'm pretty sold on ZPatterns. And once deciding that an
RDBMS was the best way to go for data storage, it fit into the 'pattern'
very nicely. I haven't deployed it yet, but its pretty fun to work on. :)


John Eikenberry
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 will deserve neither and lose both."
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