Dieter Maurer wrote:
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>  >
>  >    Hrm - that's a little heavy for what I want - which is just an analog of
>  > HTMLFile but for CSS files. That is, something I can add to my Python
>  > product as an attribute. Definitely no management or other sorts of
>  > trickiness required.
> Look at "App.ImageFile".
> If you are lucky, you can immediately use it to wrap your
> CSS files. If not, you should extend "OFS.content_types.guess_content_type"
> such that it recognizes the ".css" extension.

That (or rather Image.File) was where I started. I decided to go with
HTMLFile as a basis so we could have some DTML in the CSS file - but
overrode it so we weren't forced to have the .dtml extension (much happier
web designers that way :)


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