Dieter Maurer wrote:
>  > That (or rather Image.File) was where I started. I decided to go with
>  > HTMLFile as a basis so we could have some DTML in the CSS file - but
>  > overrode it so we weren't forced to have the .dtml extension (much happier
>  > web designers that way :)
> Thus, the only thing, you need to do in addition, is to set
> the correct content type.

   Which is pretty much what I did. I've attached the CSSFile class (which
I suppose I should have done in the first place)...

   I'm not sure if this implementation is entirely "correct" - I have no
idea what the func_code stuff is for (though if it's not commented out, the
class breaks) or the __need_name__... but it works well for us :)


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