I can't reproduce this problem myself. In fact, as of this morning it 
doesn't happen anymore. Guess it was just one of those flukes the 
universe throws at me to try to convince me to move to another 

Shane Hathaway wrote:

>Itai Tavor wrote:
>>  The TransparentFolders Product seems to make everything
>>  transparent... not just transparent folders.
>>  Zope/
>>       Folder_A/
>>           method_A
>>           Folder_B/ (transparent folder)
>>               method_B
>>  I'd expect the only effect of the transparent folder to be that
>>  /Folder_A/method_B would work. But /method_A and /method_B also work.
>>  Tested in Zope 2.3b2 and 2.3b3 with TransparentFolders 0.3.
>Hmm... I can't get mine to do that.  You're sure Folder_A isn't
>transparent also?  Did you ever have a transparent folder by that name,
>in that same place?  (Indicating a bug)
>Otherwise leaving things as they are, if you put a transparent folder at
>the root of the site, do you still get the same behavior?
>What path does it tell you if you visit

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